Skills reflect the knowledge and experience gained by a character. Each skill contains four basic knacks, which represent strict spheres of study. In addition, all skills also contain a number of advanced knacks, more intensive or harder to learn talents and crafts.

During character creation, each skill costs 2 HP. Buying a skill gives one rank in each of its four basic knacks. Increasing these knacks costs 1 HP per rank, up to 3 at creation. In addition, advanced knacks can be bought for 3 HP per rank at creation, again to a max of 3.

After creation, buying a new skill costs 10 XP. Both basic and advanced knacks cost a number of XP equal to 2 x the new rank of the knack - so, improving a knack from 1 to 2 requires 4 XP, from 2 to 3 requires 6, etc.

Martial Skills <Terribly Incomplete>Edit

Skill Basic Knacks Advanced Knacks
Athlete Sprinting, Climbing, Throwing, Footwork Break Fall, Leaping, Swimming, Side-step, Rolling, Endurance Running, Fortitude
Bodyguard Interpose, Shadowing, Unobtrusive, Footwork Ambush, Conceal, Cold Read, Menace, Sincerity
Bow Attack, Fletcher, Woodworking, Arc Trickshooting, Tag, Disarm, Mounted Attack, Snapshot
Crossbow Attack, Fletcher, Maintenance, Reload Trickshooting, Tag, Disarm, Mounted Attack, Pommel Strike, Repair
Dirty Fighting Attack(Unarmed), Attack(Improvised Weapon), Parry (Imp), Footwork Throw, Riposte, Throat-Strike, Eye-Gouge, Kick, Bind, Double Parry, Double Attack, Lunge, Uppercut, Feint, Conceal, Corps-a-Corps
Sword(1H) Attack, Parry, Maintenance, Footwork Tag, Riposte, Feint, Beat, Lunge, Bind, Stop-Thrust, Wall of Steel, Side-step, Double Parry, Disarm, Double Attack, Mounted Attack, Whirl, Pommel Strike, Repair


Attack, Reload, Maintenance, Footwork Trickshooting, Tag, Disarm, Double Attack, Feint, Repair, Mounted Attack
Officer Strategy, Tactics, Oratory, Socializing Ambush, Bribery, Cartography, Diplomacy, Gunnery, Incitation, Leadership, Logistics, Artillery, Rocketry
Shield Attack, Parry, Balance, Interpose Double Parry, Throw, Throat-Strike, Riposte, Bind, Wall of Steel, Disarm, Corps-a-Corps, Fortitude