Below is a quick guide to character creation, with links to the appropriate section for each step. At first, every character starts with 100 Hero Points. If the GM wishes, characters may start with any number of XP as well.

The StepsEdit

Step 1: Choose Arcana

Arcana encompass both Virtues and Hubri, and while optional an Arcana is the best place to start any character.

Step 2: Buy Traits

Traits are the capabilities of your character, from her mental prowess to her physical strength.

Step 3: Buy Advantages

Advantages set your character apart from everyone else. They represent natural edges he possesses, from a large stature to incredible beauty.

Step 4: Choose Sorcery or Magic

If applicable, your character may choose to take a Sorcery or Magic Ability, depending on the setting of the game.

Step 5: Buy Skills & Knacks

Skills represent fields of study or training your character has undertaken, while knacks are the individual talents required as part of the skill. Skills are how your character takes action and gets things done.

Optional: Character Growth

XP Costs for starting characters that are not novice-level.

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